ModRin Basic Travel School

We invite you, if you are interested: as well as Eligibility requirements: 18+ We take beginners with no hiking experienceAnd tourists with experience, who are interested in learning how to…Continue readingModRin Basic Travel School

The Most Common Questions

A common question: can I listen to the lectures and go on a hike with someone other than you (my own)? You can, but it makes little sense, too. And…Continue readingThe Most Common Questions

What is included in the school course

Theoretical Classes

Group lessons online (and, if possible, in person in the classroom). We give a system of knowledge necessary for the future participant and leader of the hike 1-2 category of…Continue readingTheoretical Classes


Everything you learn in class is practiced! On weekends, in 1-2 day training hikes. This is the only way to really prepare for participation in the hike. And the more…Continue readingTraining

Sports Hike

The most important thing in hiking school is the training hike! Hiking is the surest way to health. All routes are chosen in such a way that you pass through…Continue readingSports Hike


What Topics are Studied in the ModRin School Course

Lectures and seminars provide systematic theoretical knowledge-all about how to hike and how to organize a hike.

This includes:

  • what equipment to take,
  • how to organize food during the trip,
  • what else it is necessary to prepare,
  • what the weather is like,
  • how much it costs approximately,
  • and much more.

At the training on the ground – practicing the necessary skills in practice:

  • organization of work in a tourist group,
  • tourist life,
  • movement along the route,
  • orientation,
  • overcoming obstacles,
  • first aid to the injured
  • and much more.

In the training camping – all the same skills are practiced, but not just in a two-day “sortie” in local neighborhoods, but in a real multi-day hike!

Your participation in trainings and in a training hike is essential!
Only this way you can get practical skills, and not just listen to words about hiking.

Thus, we give full quality training to future participants and leaders of hiking tours.

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